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Web Development with Ruby on Rails for Beginners

Course Description

Ruby on Rails is an open source web framework that is optimized for programmer happiness and productivity. It lets you write beautiful coding by favoring convention over configuration.


This class will cover:

• Ruby Programming Language

• MVC Architecture

• Full-stack Web Development

• Rails Framework

• Web Application Deployment

• Rails and Mobile

Who Should Attend?

• Those who want to change their career to web and mobile industry
• Those who want a job with better pay
• Those who want to become entrepreneurs


• Basic Programming Concepts
• Laptop (MacBook strongly recommended)
• Some SQL, HTML/CSS Knowledge


24 Hours (3 Full Days) Please call for more details


• 4 years of experience with Ruby on Rails
• 6 years of Java experience
• Co-founder of Bitcoinpayflow.com
• Rails consultant for many start-ups
• Consultant for Accenture

Course Content

I. Learn the Basics of Ruby language

II. Configure and Install Ruby on Rails

III. Model-View-Controller Architecture

IV. Setup and Manage Database

V. Build an Application from Scratch

VI. Understand Test-Driven Development (TDD)

VII. Understand Application Deployment

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