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Course Description

Unix is a multitasking, multi-user computer operating widely used in network servers, workstations, and mobile devices. It is considered the first “open system”, around which the modern Internet infrastructure was developed. Today, Unix acts as the main engine of the Internet, as the majority of the internet are run on Unix machines. Unix has become increasingly popular since its early days, and has evolved into the many operating systems, such as the Apple’s OS X and Linux. Unix has a huge set of interfaces to the systems programmer. In order to understand the Unix program, students need to understand fundamental concepts and models, as well as knowing how to run, operate, and maintain the system. Through this class, students will learn how to operate the Unix system. This course is suitable for students with background in IT and computer programming.

Who Should Attend

• Programmers

• Computer engineers

• Anyone with background in IT, computer science

Total hours



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Course Content

I. Programs, Processes, and Threads

• How a program becomes a process

• Layout

• Function Return Values and Errors

• Thread-safe functions

• Static Variables

• Process environment and termination


II. Processes in UNIX

• Functions

• Process identification and state

• Class exercises



• Vocabulary

• Opening and closing files

• Functions

• File representation and control

• Filter

• Class exercises


IV. Files and Directories

• UNIX file system navigation

• UNIX file system implementation

• Class exercises


V. UNIX Special Files

• Pipes, pipelines, FIFOs

• Client-server model

• Terminal control

• Audio devise

• Class exercises


VI. Project


VII. Signals

• Concepts

• Generating signals

• Manipulating signals

• Catching and ignoring signals

• Waiting for signals

• Handling signals

• Programming

• Class exercises


VIII. Times and Timers

• POSIX Times

• Sleep Functions

• PSIX-XSI Interval Timers

• Realtime Signals

• POSIX-TMR Interval Timers

• Time drift, overruns, and abolsute time


IX. Project



• Interprocess communication

• Semaphore sets

• Shared memory

• Message Queues

• Class exercises

• Review


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