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Short Term Exchange Programs

US-China Education Program01

This exchange program is between our partner high schools in China and schools here in the U.S. Students from both sides are able to attend each other’s schools for 6 weeks in order to gain educational and cultural experiences. During these 6 weeks, the students will have the opportunity to attend classes with the natives and study in the same environment. By doing so, they will learn different aspects of the cultures and experience the unique education systems. Outside of classes, breEDU has also arranged guided tours to visit to famous colleges, tourist attractions, and other interesting places, as well as provide the students with hands-on cultural activities. This program is designed for students who would like to see what it is like to study and live in a different country. For those who are considering of studying abroad in the future, we also hold special educational seminars to talk about high school and college applications with guest speakers from Harvard, Stanford, and UC Berkeley.

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