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US-China Education Program

With its booming economy and rich cultural heritage, China attracts students and professionals from all over the world. Likewise, U.S. is also a top choice for many Chinese students who attend its prestigious high schools, universities, and graduate programs. With an increasing amount of Chinese international students coming into the U.S. each year, more tailored programs are created in order to accommodate those international students. Since each country’s educational system has its unique strengths, these programs allow students to experience the educational strengths of both countries. China focuses heavily on academic performance, whereas the U.S. places greater importance on personal development, cultural studies, networking, and extracurricular activities. breEDU believes that if both countries can combine their strengths, we could build a brighter future for all students. Our mission is to facilitate the cultural and scholarly exchanges between the two countries and to provide students from each country with the opportunities to explore and understand different cultures and possibilities in both countries.

We have developed a few programs to achieving this goal

  • Short Term Exchange Programs

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    This exchange program is between our partner high schools in China and schools here in the U.S. Students from both sides are able to attend each other’s schools for 6 weeks in order to gain educational and cultural experiences. During these 6 weeks, the students will have the opportunity to attend classes with the natives and study in the same environment. By doing so, they will learn different aspects of the cultures and experience the unique education systems. Outside of classes, breEDU has also arranged guided tours to visit to famous colleges, tourist attractions, and other interesting places, as well as provide the students with hands-on cultural activities. This program is designed for students who would like to see what it is like to study and live in a different country. For those who are considering of studying abroad in the future, we also hold special educational seminars to talk about high school and college applications with guest speakers from Harvard, Stanford, and UC Berkeley.

    Please click here for details on some trip itinerary/programs

  • Winter/Summer Camps

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    For students who are interested in learning and traveling during the summer or winter vacations, we have a selection of American and international summer and winter camps that provides language studies, IT youth training, and test preparation. Each of the camps will provide a valuable experience and opportunity for students to learn, explore, and discover. Not only are our camps designed for native students in the U.S., but they are also tailored towards international students who wish to come to the U.S. or visit another country for a short period to experience the different cultures and travel abroad.

  • Educational Cooperation

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    Since breEDU is connected with many educational institutes and agencies all over China and the U.S., we serve as an important liaison for these schools to develop educational programs and camps. Due to the language and cultural barriers between China and the U.S., sometimes educational institutions in both countries find it difficult to communicate internationally. That’s where breEDU come in. We help create the bridge between the two countries and organizations that want to connect with other companies internationally. Since we have educational networks in both countries, we are able to link your cooperation to another in the most accurate and efficient way possible. Our team of experienced experts will provide your cooperation with the consultation, liaison, market knowledge, project management, and educational network your company needs in order to develop in the right direction.

  • Internship Opportunities

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    For those who are looking for oversea work experiences in order to get your dream job started, breEDU can help. Because of our unique position as a top provider of professional IT and business training programs, we are deeply connected with many major companies and job agencies across the U.S. and China. With this distinct advantage at our side, we can easily help students and graduates search and apply for internship positions, based on their needs and qualifications. Multiple internship opportunities for group of students are also available for those who attend and excel at our professional training programs.

  • College 2+2, High School 1+2

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    The world is becoming more and more interconnected and globalization is taking place at faster paces. To truly succeed in this globalized economy, sometimes it is necessary for students to be able to learn more than one language and understand more than just one culture. Since China and the U.S. are two of the biggest players in globalization, it is safe to say that having degrees and education backgrounds in both countries can bring strong advantages in one’s career. That is why breEDU has designed the college 2+2 and High School 1+2 programs. We are vigorously working with high schools and universities in the U.S. and China to develop special educational programs for students and allow them to study and receive degrees from both countries. The High School 1+2 program allows high school students to study 1 year in one country and 2 years in another to complete their high school education. The College 2+2 program allows college students to do half of their studies in their native country and the other half in China in order to complete their degree. These programs will not only diversify one’s educational background, but also their cultural background.

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