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Host Family

breEDU provides host family services for international students who are planning on studying abroad. From searching for the right host family to becoming legal guardians for the international students, we are able to provide all the services necessary for students and parents to feel safe. For a list of all our host family services, please look below.

Our one-stop host family program will include

  • School Application

    breEDU will help you with the school application process like providing you with a list of school selection, filling out the application form, different types of advising, and finally getting you accepted into the school of your dream.

  • Visa Application

    We will let you inside all the tips of tricks into getting your Visa from your home country.

  • Finding a Hosting Family Match for Students

    After students give us a list of requirements with their host family, we start the searching process through our database in order to find the most suitable family that the students will be happy with.

  • Host Family Background Check

    We have to make sure that each member of the host family have no criminal records and therefore will do a complete background check. Creating a safe environment for students to live in is very important to the student themselves and their parents.

  • Airport Service

    breEDU will pick up the student from the airport on the day of arrival and also drop them off at the airport when they go back home for summer vacation or at times of convenience.

  • Report Card Translation

    We will translate all the progress report cards from the school and make sure to inform the parents on the student’s academic progress.

  • Monthly Evaluation

    We will meet with the student and family either in person or through the web to conduct an evaluation. After, we will send the evaluation to the parents in the home country. This way, parents are able to know how their students are doing away from home.

  • 24-Hour Hotline

    In case of any emergencies, we have a 24-hour host student hotline for you to reach us.

  • Insurance Set-up

    If you are a student in the U.S., you will need medical insurance. We will set up all the insurances for your needs.

  • Bank Account Set-up

    Setting up a bank account is also very important if you are an international student. There might be times that you need to have an American bank account in order to pay for your daily necessities or something for school. breEDU will help you set up your U.S. bank account and teach you how to access it.

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