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College Application Counseling

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Applying to colleges marks one of the most crucial few years of high school for any student and parent. breEDU offers college application services in order to help those students who want to want to maximize their chances of gaining admission into the colleges of their choice and ultimately become successful in the future.

Every student has more potential than he or she expects and breEDU aims to bring out the best potential in each student. Our team of professional advisors will guide you through the college application journey and coach you to win the hearts of the colleges of your dream.

Our college application counselors include professionals who have graduated from Harvard, Stanford, UC Berkeley, and a variety of other top tier schools, with some on the admissions committee at Ivy League universities. With a diverse team of counselors, we are certain that you are one step closer to getting accepted into the colleges of your dreams!


  • Full Package:

    This program fits everyone from as early as 9th grade to 11th grade. We will prepare you for all the preparatory work you need: high school course planning, college selecting, extra curricular planning, summer planning, college selection, college admissions essay advisory, and plenty more. All these service combined will make your four years of high school worthwhile and mold everything into a package that colleges will not be able to resist.

  • Application in Action

    This program is designed for students who are entering the application preparation stage. It is for 11th graders preferably. breEDU will coach you on your application, essay, interview, appeal/wait-listed letters, financial aid, and any scholarship application opportunities. Application in Action includes all the services involved with the college application process up until the application due date.

  • Individual Services

    This program is aimed to help students who only need one specific service. Whether it is in essay writing or interview guidance, breEDU will help on your needs in order for you to reach your goal in the college application process.

    High school course selection
    College Selection
    Summer planning
    College Interview Advising
    Extra-curricular activities advising
    Financial Aid/Grant/Scholarship Advising
    Internship Placement
    Enrollment Decision Support
    Essay Writing Workshop
    SAT, SAT II, AP Test Preparations

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