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Career Service

breEDU is a professional training agency connected with large companies, industrial experts, job agencies, and job seekers. We understand what kind of knowledge and skills the companies are really looking for nowadays. Our goal is to provide a one-stop solution for professional career advising, training, and job placement. Within our career services, breEDU offers job search, job placement opportunities, resume editing, interview coaching, networking, follow-up and negotiation. If you feel prepared to take the next step into the working world, feel free to come to breEDU for any career advising services. We want to best prepare yourself for your next job opportunity and build a formidable path towards a successful career. Please check our list of events for any upcoming career seminars and workshops. If your needs are beyond what is described here, feel free to give us a call and we would be happy to assist you.


  • Job Search

    Often, students are not sure which types of jobs to look for or where to look for those jobs. breEDU’s team of professional career consultants will guide you in the right direction with finding your next job!

  • Job Placement Opportunities

    Since its establishment over 12 years ago, breEDU has built up a strong network of professionals and companies in California. These professionals and companies believe in our training services and we often recommend our graduated students to them. From finance companies to networking to clinical trial companies, breEDU would like to connect you to the environment you are looking for.

  • Resume Editing

    People always say that first impressions are the strongest. Your resume is the first impression you leave with any hiring manager, company owner, or industry professional. breEDU’s team of professional career consultants will help you polish your resume so that you will be able to shine while applying to new jobs!

  • Interview Coaching

    Along with submitting an outstanding resume, you also want your interview to be memorable. breEDU provides a step by step coaching system that will help our students ace the interview process. From mock interviews to practice questions, we have all the resources you need to succeed in your interview.

  • Networking

    In this competitive job environment, it never hurts to associate yourself with a network of professionals working in the same or different industries. Over the years, breEDU has accumulated a variety of networks of professionals from the IT field to design to construction. We can offer you that opportunity by connecting you with our industry leaders! Not only can we connect you, but we will also teach you how to use professional networking tools such as LinkedIn and guide you step by step into putting your place in the professional world.

  • After Interview Follow-Up

    breEDU will teach you how to follow up with the company after an interview. If you did not think that follow ups matter, they matter more than you think. What differentiates you from the other hundreds of interviewees? How will the company remember you after the interview? We can give you advising on the follow-up process that will leverage you above other interviewees.

  • Negotiating a Job Offer

    It is not easy to get a job in this job market. With that, once you have a job offer, how are you able to negotiate a better deal? Salary negotiation strategies, compensation package evaluation, and careful consideration all must be done after you receive a job offer. So how can you get the salary you’ve always wanted? breEDU’s special team of career consulting experts will provide you with guidance to getting a fair wage and the pay you deserve.

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