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SAT I Critical Reading/Writing

Course Description

This is the SAT I Critical Reading/Writing portion of the SAT I examination. The course covers aspects of the two section including how to write SAT essays, knowing the common grammar rules, reading SAT I passages, studying the common vocabularies, and much more. This is an overall comprehensive course aimed to increase the SAT scores of students.


36 Hours

Course Content

Part I

• Introduction to SAT Critical Reading and Writing

• Sentence Completion: 2 Types

• Practice

• Timed Sections

Part II 

• Vocabulary Quiz

• Essay Components and Structure

• Outline Essays Together

• Sample Essays

• In-Class Essay Writing

• Review

Part III

• Vocabulary Quiz

• Reading Passages

• Timed Reading Sections

• Review Homework

Part IV

• Vocabulary Quiz

• Writing: Grammar Rules for the SAT Tests

• Pronouns

• Verbs

• Practice Problems

• Review

Part V

• Vocabulary Quiz

• Grammar Rules (continued)

• Modifiers

• Parallelism

• Practice Problems

• Timed Sections

• Review

Part VI

• Vocabulary

• Run-on and Fragments

• Word Choice and Idioms

• Practice

• Review

Part VII

• Vocabulary Quiz

• Adjectives and Adverbs

• Redundancy

• Practice

• Review


• Final Vocabulary Quiz and Review

• Final Review

• Final Practice



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