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Redhat Linux

Course Description

Redhat Linux is a popular linux based server operating system used by large companies to improve the productivity of their system administrators and the efficiency of the servers. This course teaches you the knowledge and skills to become a certified Redhat Linux system administrator responsible for installing the operating system, configuring, maintaining, security checking, and trouble shooting the Redhat Enterprise Liux servers. The course includes many examples and lab works through which the material is demonstrated and practiced. After this course, the students should be able to take and pass the Red Hat System Administrator Certification exam – which is required by most employers. This course is suitable for students with IT background who are new to Redhat Linux operating system, as well as for students who are pursuing a career in IT and network administration.

Who Should Attend

• Professionals working in the IT field

• Those who are trying to obtain a job as a server administrator

• Programmers

• IT specialists

• Students majoring in Computer Science

Total Hours



To Be Announced

Course Content

I. Introduction to Linux


II. GNU/Linux


III. OS Installation


IV. Basic Linux interface and and structure


V. File manipulation and permissions


VI. Vi editor


VII. Shell


VIII. Progamming in Linux


IX. Processes




XI. Files and tools


XII. Monitoring and booting


XIII. Networking and file management


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