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Oracle Supply Chain Management

Course Description:


  • Identify the primary business functions of each Oracle Supply Chain Module
  • Describe the flow of application information through the major tables associated with business functions
  • Identify Oracle core Supply Chain Module (Inventory Management, Purchasing and Order Management)
  • Understand the key technology components of the E-business Suite
  • Navigate 11i Oracle Applications
Who should attend:
  • Anyone with a supply chain background
  • Anyone with pervious experience in purchasing and order management
  • Anyone who’s interested in further developing their career in supply chain management

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Course Content

Class 1:

Oracle eBusiness – Overview

  • Overview of the 11i eBusiness Essential Components
  • Architectures
  • Shared Entity and Integration
  • Fundamentals of System Administration


Class 2:

Oracle e-Business – Key Fundamentals

  • Fundamentals of Flexfield


Class 3:

Oracle e-Business – Key Elements

  • Multi-Org
  • Workflow


Class 4:

Oracle e-Business – Key Elements

  • Workflow (Continued)
  • Alert
  • Homework Help

Class 5:

Oracle Inventory Management

  • Receipt to Issue
  • Defining Inventory Management
  • Defining and Maintaining Items (Overview and Fundamentals)


Class 6:

Oracle Inventory Management

  • Inventory Controls (Overview and Fundamentals)
  • Transacting Inventory
  • Transaction Setup
  • Issuing and Transferring Materials


Class 7:

Oracle Inventory Management

  • Replenishing Inventory
  • Inventory Accuracy


Class 8:

Oracle Purchasing

  • Procure to Pay Lifecycle and Purchasing Overview
  • Suppliers
  • Locations, Organizations, Units of Measure and Items


Class 9:

Oracle Purchasing

  • RFQs and Quotations
  • Approved Suppliers Lists and Sourcing Rules
  • Requisitions
  • Purchase Orders


Class 10:

Oracle Purchasing

  • Automatic Document Creation
  • Receiving
  • Document Security, Routing and Approval


Class 11:

Oracle Purchasing

  • Purchasing Accounts
  • Purchasing Administration
  • Setup Steps


Class 12:

Oracle Order Management

  • Order to Cash Lifecycle Overview
  • Overview of Oracle Order Management
  • Review of Inventory Organization and Items


Class 13:

Oracle Order Management

  • Enter Orders
  • Manage Parties and Customer Accounts
  • Credit Management


Class 14:

Oracle Order Management

  • Order Inquiry
  • Manage Orders
  • Overview of Pricing


Class 15:

Oracle Order Management

  • Basic Pricing
  • Oracle Shipping Execution
  • Overview set-up steps (Inventory, Purchasing, Order Management)
  • Review



  • 11i eBusiness Suite Essentials for Implementers
  • 11i Oracle Inventory Management Fundamentals
  • 11i Oracle Purchasing Fundamentals
  • 11i Oralcle Order Management Fundamentals


Reference Books:

  • Oracle Application User Guide
  • Oracle 11i Inventory Management User Guide
  • Oracle 11i Account Purchasing User Guide
  • Oracle 11i Account Order Management User Guide


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