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Oracle Database 11g

Course Description:

What is Oracle DBA 11g?

Oracle Certified Associate (OCA) DBA 11g certification demonstrates fundamental knowledge in the Oracle 11g Database

This course will prepare you to learn the fundamental  knowledge of Oracle 11g Database and help you prepare for the certification.

The Career Outlook

Various job titles

  • Oracle Database Administrator (DBA)
  • Jr., Sr.
  • Principal, Lead
  • Development, Production
  • Backup/Recovery, Performance
    • Application DBA
    • Oracle ERP, Peoplesoft ERP, Siebel CRM, SAP ERP, …
      • Database Developer/Engineer
      • SQL, PL/SQL, …
        • Database Architect

Schema Design

Course Benefits:
    • Monitor performance
    • Describe Oracle Database Architecture
    • Install Oracle Grid Infrastructure
    • Install and configure Oracle Database 11g
    • Configure Oracle Net services
    • Monitor and administer undo date
    • Manage the database storage structures
    • Create and administer user accounts
    • Perform basic backup and recovery of a database
    • Manage data concurrency

Who Should Attend:

no prerequisite

Database Administrator
Application Administrator
Application Developer
Technical Support
Technical Consultant
Project Manager

About the Instructor:

Mr. Lin (Oracle DBA) Over 15 years of extensive experience of Oracle database management on 7, 8, 8i, 9i, and 10g as lead DBA/Architect. Managing database administrating, development, performance tuning, capacity planning and trouble shooting in the large complex data center environment. Implementing enterprise monitoring systems, backup/recovery strategy, and HA/DR solutions. a SME in the DBA instruction, database architecting, performance tuning, backup/recovery, and consulting.


52 Hours (Call for more details)

Course Content

Class Format:

  • lectures/presentations
  • demonstrations
  • reading materials
  • exercises

SQL Fundamentals

  • DDL and Schema Objects
  • DML and Concurrency
  • Retrieving, Restricting, and Sorting Data Using SQL
  • Single-Row and Conversion Functions
  • Group Functions
  • SQL Joins
  • Subqueries and Set Operators
  • PL/SQL Basics

Database Architecture and Administration

  • Architectural overview
  • Installing and Creating a Database
  • Instance Management
  • Oracle Storage
  • Oracle Security
  • Globalization

Oracle Net

  • Oracle Networking
  • Manage Oracle Network
  • Oracle Shared Server


Database Backup and Recovery

  • Configuring the Database for Backup and Recovery
  • Back Up with RMAN
  • Restore and Recover with RMAN
  • Advanced RMAN Facilities
  • User-Managed Backup, Restore, and Recovery
  • Flashback

Database Monitoring and Performance Tuning

  • Moving and Re-Organizing Data
  • The AWR and the Alert System
  • Performance Tuning

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