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English Communication Enhancement

Course Description

This program is aimed to build your communication skills in all aspects of the English language: conversational, business, formal, presentational, and so forth. This skill is necessary for all careers to be able to communicate well with others, thus enhancing one’s career overtime and increasing one’s work efficiency.

Class Format

Mini Class: 3-4 students per class

• Course Length: 5 weeks

1-1 Tutoring: 1 student vs. 1 tutor

• Course Length: 10 or 20 Hour Packages

Instructors and Tutors

• Derisa: Harvard graduate, University of Chicago Master, and Stanford PhD in Education; strong background in literature and communication; over 8+ years of teaching experiences with wide ranges of students from high school to business/IT professionals

• Marianne: Masters at CNYU; has over 10+ years teaching experience in the ESL field; taught thousands of business elites and professionals in communication enhancement and increased their career opportunity and work efficiency

• Sally: UCSC Graduate; college application counselor from UC Berkeley; taught a large number of ESL students ranging from ages 10-18

Course Content

1. Grammar

• Sentence Structure

• Tense with Verb

• Situational/Individualized Study

2. Vocabulary

• Conversational

• Business Presentational

3. Fluency

• Practice

• Pace

4. Clarity

• Pronunciation

• Tempo

• Clear Expressions

Please e-mail us for a more detailed syllabus. 

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