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Residential House Construction

Course Description

• To familiarize with residential home remodeling, addition, and new construction process.

• To avoid most common mistakes by owner‐contractor.

• To avoid pitfalls and legal entanglement in dealing with contractors

Who Should Take this Course

•  Anyone in the construction industry

•  Anyone who want to start a business in construction

• Anyone who want to remodel or add on to their own homes

About the Instructor

Have involved in residential construction for last 15 years. Construction consultancy for homeowners and contractors alike for last 5 years. Currently teaching construction‐ contractor‐ license‐exam prep course. Well versed in traditional and ever evolving new construction techniques. Projects ranged from simple kitchen‐bath remodels to new construction of a 4,000sf Spanish revival. His proudest achievement would have been a little house (700sf), with fully equipped kitchen and bath, that he has single‐handedly (yes, single‐handedly) designed and constructed.

Course Length

80 Hours

Course Content

• Planning, design, and permit process
• Remodeling vs. new construction
• Bidding process and home owners’ rights
• The complete construction process
• New construction technique and tooling

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