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  • I was referred to breEDU from a friend and he told me that they have really good host family services. For my daughter, she is very picky in what type of family she wants to live with and therefore I made many requests. I wanted the family to be Caucasian, cooks every meal, lives close to the school, does not have any sons, has her own room with bathroom, and if possible, has a daughter that is close to my daughter’s age. breEDU told me that this wasn’t going to be easy but they would try their best. With every family they found, they sent me photos of what the house and family look like and a detailed description of the family. Finally, after 3 families, they found one that I was completely satisfied with and met all my requirements. I can’t be more pleased. Throughout the past year my daughter has lived there, breEDU told me that her English improved a lot and that she would go out with her host family to go travel nearby. I’m glad she has found a family that she is able to get close to. Not to mention, the school that breEDU chose for my daughter is very friendly and has a large variety of AP and honors classes. I think she is in good hands. Thank you breEDU for helping me so much!

    -- Christina’s Mother (10th Grade, Fremont Christian School)

  • I am glad to let you know that I am going to start as a Statistical Programmer (clinical) at Gilead Sciences, Inc. tomorrow.

    I have obtained two job offers recently, one from a pharmaceutical company based in China in the field of computational drug design (my expertise), and the other from Gilead as a statistical Programmer. I decided to accept the position from Gilead since I want to stay in the bay area.

    Thanks a lot for your help for the SAS training!

    -- Ping / Statistical Programmer (clinical)

  • Rose, Alice, Jian. Thank you very much for all your assistance. I got a job. I’m working in Redwood Shores (not Oracle) a small startup named greenroad. Dr. Gu. I know you don’t work far from here. Maybe you have time to go to lunch one of these days.

    Thanks again breEDU.

    -- Albert / SAS Programmer

  • I just want to let you know that I got the job at Clinovo. I am totally excited. I will start this Tue. I will tell you more next Sat when I come to Mr. Gu’s class.

    -- Miki / SAS Programmer

  • My SAS class was ended on 8/13. I would like to thank you so much for letting me attend this training. This training not only makes me to handle my job more efficiently, but also helps me land more than 5 full-time jobs in this tough job market.

    Mr. Gu, our SAS class teacher, is always happy to answer our questions and give us various real projects to think further and understand how to handle different situation in the real business world. I really learn a lot during this training period.

    Thank you and breEDU!

    -- Alyssa Chen / Marketing Data Analyst

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