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Check out our upcoming class schedule. The schedule includes the dates the classes are offered, the times, and length of the classes. If you have additional questions, feel free to call or e-mail us and we will answer all the questions you have. Spaces are limited per class.

Course Date Time Length Fee
Application of Big Data Technologies in Data Analysis 2017/02/18--2017/06/10 Sat: 2pm-6pm 15 weeks $3950
Residential House Construction 2017/04/08--2017/09/16 Sat: 2pm-6pm 20weeks $5000
Residential Design 2017/04/08--2017/09/16 Sat: 9am-1pm 20 Weeks $4950
Contractor B-License 2017/05/23--2017/08/08 Tue, Thur 7pm -10pm 10 Weeks $1500
SAS Base and Advanced SAS Programming for Data Analysis 2017/04/01--2017/09/16 Sat: 2pm-6pm 20 Weeks $4950
Oracle Financial Application TBD--TBD Sat 2pm-6pm 17 Weeks $4950
Interior Design TBD--TBD Sat 9:00am-1:00pm 15 Weeks $2500


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