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Application of Big Data Technologies in Data Analysis

Course Overview

This training program is designed for introduction of utilizing big data technology in data analysis.  The training will cover the most broadly used in many big corporations during recent years – Hadoop system, and data processing technologies associated with Hadoop data.



60 Hours (15 Weeks)



Course Content

Big data technology is new to industry and data mining.  The near future trend is more and more companies and corporations migrating their data to big data system, such as Hadoop, for the potential of massive capacity and fast speed, in terms of data processing.  The 3V of big data technology has a potential to bring data analysis, business intelligence, data mining, and machine learning into totally new level, and the potential of that to the development of business is predicated to be far beyond our imagination.  Due to the great potential and speedy development of using big data technology by major corporations, especially in Bay Area California, it presents a huge demand of data scientists and business analysts who knows the big data techniques and be able to use that to do data mining and business analysis to provide the direction and strategy to develop the business.  This program is designed to meet that need.

Highlights of this training program:

  • Introduction of big data technology
  • Familiarize Hadoop data system
  • Data mining using Hadoop data
  • HIVE skills for data processing and analysis
  • Introduction of Python for data analysis
  • Data structure and data analysis basic
  • Analytical skills
  • Data mining basic

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