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Advanced Excel

Course Description

The Microsoft Excel is the most popular spreadsheet application in the world, capable of performing complex calculations, generating charts and graphs from tables of data, and sharing information across users and platforms. This course will help students brush up their basic Excel skills in addition to providing them with practical experience with Excel’s more advanced features such as the pivot table. Many examples and projects are included through which the material is demonstrated and practiced. Upon completion of this course, the student should be able to master all of Excel’s most sophisticated features. This course is suitable for students who already know the basics of Excel, as well as for novice students who would like to become an expert of Excel in order to gain an edge in the increasingly competitive job market.

Who Should Attend

• Business professionals who would like learn Excel’s most advanced features

• Job seekers who want to build up a strong portfolio for computer softwares

• Students who wish to become experts in Excel

Total Hours

To be Announced


To be Announced

Course Content

Excel Fundamentals

  • • Excel basics and customizing screen layout• Creating formulas and functions

    • Formatting Cells, Rows, Columns and Sheets

    • Charts and graphs

    • Printing

Formatting and Functions

• Formatting Numbers
• Custom Number Formats
• Conditional Formats
• Using Formulas in Conditional Formats
• Absolute and Relative References
• Naming a Range
• Using a Named Range in a Formula
• Using Lookup Functions
• IF Functions

Templates and Workbooks

• Creating, applying, using, and editing templates
• Linking Workbooks
• Importing Data from .txt files
• Importing Data from other applications
• Importing  HTML Table


• Excel List
• Validating Data Entries
• Data sort
• Data manipulation with filters
• Data Query

Pivot Table and Pivot Chart

  • • Introducing Pivot Table• Using slicers to  filter Pivot Table data

    • Pivot Table Reports

    • Pivot Chart Reports

    • Trendlines and Scenarios

Macros and Auditing Tools

  • • Introducing Macro

    • Recording a Marco

    • Running a Macro

    • Editing a Macro

    • Workbook Auditing

    • Tracking errors

 Workbooks Sharing

• Preparing a Workbook
• Consolidating Data
• Protecting Columns
• Protecting Worksheets
• Protecting Worksheet Content
• Protecting Cells
• Creating password
• Tracking Changes
• Adding Comments
• Creating a Shared Workbook

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